Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vanishing Summer

Although I got a good amount of hiking in early this year, I've spent a lot of this nice weather working in my back yard on a new deck, patio, and pergola. But don't worry kids, I'll be on the West Coast Trail in less than a month!

Speaking of the WCT, for any of you thinking of tackling it this year, I thought I'd forward this note along:

I have a two-person permit for the West Coast Trail for park entry from Port Renfrew on Saturday August 23rd, 2008. Unfortunately I have broken my ankle and will not be able to make the trip. I am also no longer able to obtain a refund as I am within the 21 day cancellation window. I thought that you might be connected to a network of folks who may be interested in using my reservation as I know they are difficult to come by. My cost was $300 US, but I would consider any reasonable offer. Thank you for your time.

Nick Juhle


I don't know this person and am not involved in the sale at all. I just know what it's like to be stuck with a reservation you can't use.

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