Thursday, June 5, 2008


One of the characters I met at ADZPCTKO is Garret Christensen, aka The Onion. When I hung out with him at the kick-off, he seemed quite normal (as normal as any of the other long-distance hikers, anyway...) and it wasn't until I got home until I realized just what this gentleman did in his free time.

Described by his sister as funny, and by himself as the "smartest person in the world," Garret is a mild-mannered (but not too humble) superhero disguised as a backpacker. When not hiking or studying economics, he runs. And boy does he run. 80 mile jaunts up Mt. Diablo, 24 hour ultra-marathons, you name it.

"Adventures in Onionism", The Onion's regularly-updated (more than this one) blog is a fun read, peppered with book reviews, political commentary, hiking potpourri, run reports, and random witticisms. I suggest adding it to your RSS feed!

Oh yeah, Garett was also the first person to Yo-Yo the Continental Divide Trail. Roughly 6,000 miles in one season. He mentioned that this 6 month hike was "good conditioning for ultra-marathons." Your mileage may vary.

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the onion said...

thanks for the link. But did I ever really say I was the smartest person in the world? As in, with quotes? Jeez, I'm a jerk :)