Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lightweight Tip of the Week: Masking Tape

My new mission is to come up with one weight-reducing tip per week to share. Please comment with your own tips, and I'll feature them in a future LTOTW.

This week's tip:
When loading your pack, put a small piece of masking tape on every piece of gear. When you're on the trail, remove the tape when you use the item. Back at home when you're unpacking, set aside any gear that still has masking tape on it, and examine whether you really needed to bring the unused item in the first place.

Some obvious exceptions are first aid kits, weather-related gear, and other repair and emergency items.

My results: I did this over several hikes in different weather conditions, and managed to shave a few ounces. I eliminated a lexan knife, small bowl, a few bits of clothing, a couple of tent pegs, and a few condiments and snacks.

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