Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday afternoon hike

Every Thursday, Ian and I take Shadow on a hike from my house to Mill Hill. As we have decided to hike the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail on the May long weekend, we figured we need to start increasing the intensity of our Thursday hikes. Today we did a little over two hours, hiking over Mill Hill to Thetis Lake, over Seymour Hill, then back over Mill Hill and home again. My guestimate is 6km round trip, but I'll need to borrow a GPS to verify that.

Mill Hill is in full Spring bloom, and is one of my favorite places on the Island. There's Garry Oaks, Arbutus, and panoramic views of Victoria and the Sooke Hills. Unfortunately, neither of us brought a camera, so I'll tease you with a photo from last fall.

While hiking, we decide that we'll do the entire Juan de Fuca Marine Trail on the long weekend, rather than just a one-nighter as we had originally planned. I am optimistic that we can shorten our usual duration on the trail and complete it in two nights rather than three. Ian is feeling a bit out of shape after a somewhat lazy Winter, and isn't quite so certain. We're leaving the scheduling open, and will have a few options for dealing with tides and transportation. I'll post a full report when we get back!


Anonymous said...

How did the JdF work out??


Matt said...

You'll have to read the next article!