Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Leatherman Squirt P4

Last summer I bought a Leatherman Squirt P4 multitool, and have been quite happy with it. It was the smallest, lightest tool I could find within my price range, and the Leatherman brand came well recommended. I was worried that I would miss a longer knife blade, especially as the only cutlery I take hiking is a lexan spoon, but I haven't really missed it.

This past winter, while walking the dog in my neighbourhood, I stopped to help a little boy who was quite distraught and near tears. Somehow, while on an errand to the mailbox for his mom, he had gotten the mailbox door locked with the keychain halfway inside. His eyes lit up when I pulled out my Leatherman Squirt, unfolded it to magically create pliers, and, with some effort, freed his keys. Unfortunately, and possibly due to the below-freezing temperature, one of the arms of the pliers broke off in the process.

Yesterday afternoon, while packing for this weekend's hike, I realized I hadn't replaced the Squirt yet, so started to research a good replacement. A lot of reviews remarked on Leatherman's generous warranty. It hadn't occured to me to take it back, as I figured the Squirt, being a "miniature" tool, wouldn't be covered for breakages involving force. Deciding it couldn't hurt, I took it into MEC today where they happily exchanged it for the display model (they were out of stock) with no questions asked. I didn't have my receipt, but they were able to verify the purchase through my membership number.

Leatherman and Mountain Equipment Co-op definately earned some points with me today.

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